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Rakau Aniwaniwa A3 Print

Rakau Aniwaniwa A3 Print

'Rakau' Tree, 'Aniwaniwa' Rainbow. Literally means Tree Rainbow in Te reo Māori (official NZ language) A good friend of mine, who is very ill, wrote a song called 'healing tree' and this picture really resonated with him and his journey.  For me I used my memories of koro (grandfather) the renown artist Rei Hamon and his beautiful style of penwork to inspire this.

He always said, the generations before us are like the mighty Kauri tree, sheltering the seedlings until the are strong, and then, they fall the reveal the light for them to continue. Each print is hand coloured and signed by  me, as the printers just cant get that neon colour right! Printed in NZ on a textured Art paper.
  • Delivery, delays and other info

    As this is my own little solo side project, please allow for 2 weeks for delivery - or specify if this is an urgent courier! If the product is damaged, please let me know and I will resend. Also, please let me know when the package arrives! Thank you.

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